About Us

Our Mission
To support California’s rich agricultural industry by providing reliable staffing solutions and innovative land management services.
Our Vision
We envision a future where agricultural businesses thrive with the support of robust HR strategies. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and customer success drives us to understand and address the complex needs of the agricultural sector. We commit to providing forward-thinking support, valuing our long-standing relationships, and always doing what is right for our clients and their workforce.
Our Culture
Trilogy is proud to be a family-run business with nearly three decades of service to our local communities. Our culture is deeply rooted in the agricultural sector, with a focus on values that guide our interactions and customer engagements. As we transition towards specialized HR services, we maintain our dedication to excellence, efficiency, and integrity. Our collaborative environment fosters respect and commitment, ensuring we uphold the values that are central to all we do.
Our Expertise
Building on our extensive experience in agricultural staffing and land management, Trilogy has evolved to become a leader in HR services for the agricultural industry. We blend our deep understanding of agricultural challenges with our expertise in human resources to offer a range of services from compliance and safety training to advanced HR technology solutions. Our expertise lies in crafting HR strategies that are as unique as the businesses we serve, ensuring they are equipped to face the evolving demands of the sector.

Our Values


Embracing individual responsibility towards tasks, processes, and services.


Recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses, welcoming constructive feedback, and acknowledging and encouraging others.


Striving for the utmost quality in every task, process, and service.


Demonstrating flexibility to changing factors, conditions, or environments.


Treating others with genuine appreciation and dignity.


Collaborating to collectively reach a mutually recognized goal.

Our Companies

Throughout the years, our everyday operations have allowed us to develop incredible relationships that have help lead us to other business opportunities. We welcome you to contact us, regarding the following companies or for additional information

Our Leadership Team

Led by a team of experts who are passionate about agriculture and skilled in human resources, Trilogy is poised to offer unparalleled HR services in the agricultural sector. Our leadership team combines years of experience in agriculture with innovative HR practices, ensuring we provide services that are both grounded in industry knowledge and forward-thinking in approach. Each member brings a unique set of skills and insights, driving Trilogy towards our goal of becoming the go-to HR partner for agribusinesses.

Santiago Martin

Owner / Operator

Atanacio Martin, Jr.

Owner / Operator

Santiago Martin, Jr.

Owner / Operator